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About Paxos

On this page you can find some miscellaneaos information bout Paxos

Paxos Facts And Statistics
Government: Greece
Periphery: Ionian Islands
Prefecture: Corfu
Capital: Gaios
Population: 2,438 (as of 2001)
Density: 81 /km² (210 /sq.mi.)
Postal Code: 490 xx
Area Code: 266x0-xx
License Code: KY

Population of Paxos (1740-1981)

1740  1766  1781  1800  1808  1809  1820  1845  1857  1870  1879  1885  1896  1907  1920  1928  1940  1951  1961  1971  1981


Famous Residents/Visitors Of Paxos
Audrey Good (ormer commander of the UN refugee bases in Epirus following the Greek Civil War)
Albert Finney
Suzannah York (Loggos)
The Agnelli family (FIAT)

Loggos festival of music
The Manor House in Loggos hosts a yearly classical music festival (founded by John Gough, and now organised by the Guildhall) which has built a solid reputation over the years. The festival attracts some of Europe's finest young performers. It usually takes place in late August/early September.

Concerts are held in the now-disused school of Longos, Paxoi.

In Paxos, the residents talk with a dialect which resembles that of Corfu and has a similar prosody. It is heavily influenced by the Italian language.

According to mythology the Paxos island group were created when the god of the sea, Poseidon. He hit the island of Corfu with his trident, breaking off its southern tip to form Paxos. He wanted to use Paxos to keep his lover Amphitrite. However, in the process, he managed to lose his trident, which was found by the islanders. The now use it as the emblem of Paxos.

Paxos Weather
Paxos enjoys a warm and sunny Mediterranean climate. The chart below shows average weather statistics for Paxos compared to London.

The local weather now
Here are close local weather conditions

Paxos Weather: Temperature Chart

Place/Month Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Paxos 20°C 23°C 27°C 29°C 29°C 27°C 24°C
London 13°C 16°C 20°C 22°C 21°C 19°C 13°C

Paxos Weather: Sunshine Hours Chart

Place/Month Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Paxos 7 10 12 12 11 9 6
London 5 6 7 7 6 5 4

National Holidays

The following are national public holidays in Greece. Those dates marked with an asterisk (*) are for 2007, as these dates alter each year:

  • New Year's Day: January 1st
  • Epiphany: January 6th
  • Shrove Monday (First day of Lent): February 19th *
  • Independence Day and The Annunciation: March 25th
  • Good Friday: April 6th *
  • Easter: April 8th *
  • Easter Monday: April 9th *
  • May Day / Labour Day: May 1st
  • Whit Monday: May 28th *
  • Assumption of Our Lady: August 15th
  • WWII Day / "OXI Day": October 28th
  • Christmas: December 25th
  • Boxing Day: December 26th

Emergency Services

As is standard in Greece and the rest of Europe, the emergency services can be contacted by telephoning 112. The following numbers are for the individual emergency services:

  • Police: 100
  • Medical: 166
  • Fire: 199
  • Forest Fire: 191
  • Coast Guard: 108
  • Counter Narcotics: 109

Services are available locally in Paxos; the telephone numbers are as follows:

  • Police: +30 26620 32222
  • Doctor: +30 26620 32555 (Mobile: 697 783 7700)
  • Health Centre: +30 26620 3146
  • Chemist: +30 26620 32200
  • Customs: +30 26620 32005
  • Port Authority: +30 26620 32259

Passport And Visa Requirements

Greece is a member of the European Union as well as a member of the European Economic Area. All nationals of other European Union and European Economic Area states, including those of the new member states, are permitted to enter Greece with a valid national ID card. This also applies to non-member states that are affiliated with the European Union, such as Monaco and Andorra. Citizens of European Economic Area states that are not members of the European Union, such as Switzerland, Norway and Iceland, may also enter into Greece with a valid national ID card.

Nationals of non European Union or non European Economic Area states are required to have a passport to enter Greece. Most will also require a visa. Nationals of Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, and the United States, are allowed a 90-day visa-free stay. Nationals of Brazil and Uruguay are allowed a 60-day visa-free stay.

Please contact your local Greek consulate prior to your trip for the latest entry requirements.

In 1992 Greece signed up to the Schengen Agreement. This means that nationals from other participating states (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Iceland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden) can enter Greece without passport checks.


There are several ATM machines on Paxos, the majority of which can be found in Gaios, whilst there is also one in Lakka. The main bank on the island is also in Gaios, the contact details of which can be found below. There are also two Bureau de Change on Paxos. The first can be found in Gaios Travel in Gaios. The second can be found in Planos Holidays office in Lakka. Paxos, as with elsewhere in Greece, uses the Euro (€ EUR) as currency.

Agricultural Bank Of Greece - Tel: +30 26620 31213

Useful travel contact numbers

Paxos Port Authority : Tel. 2662032259, fax. 2662032259
Igoumenitsa Port Authority : 26650/22235-22240 Fax.26650/26122
Corfu Port Authority : 26610/32655, Fax. 26610/39918
Parga Port Authority : 26840/31227 

MUNICIPALITY of Gaios Τel. 26620/32100
CUSTOMS Tel. 26620/32005

Doctor: +30 26620 32555 (Mobile: 697 783 7700)

Health Centre: +30 26620 3146

Chemist: +30 26620 32200


Paxos : Τel. 26620/32114-32014,Fax. 2662032253
Corfu : Τel 26610/20675-25177, Fax. 26610/35825
Igoumenitsa : Τel. 26650/27012-26280, Fax. 26650/46100

Paxos : Τel. 26620/32269-32440, Fax. 2662032122
Corfu : Τel. 26610/23874-23876, Fax. 26610/35825
Igoumenitsa : Τel. 26650/28121, Fax. 26650/28085

Paxos : Τel. 26620/32401-32245,Fax. 2662032610
Corfu : Τel. 26610/38690-25155, Fax. 26610/38787
Igoumenitsa : Τel. 26650/28747 - 26670, Fax. 26650/24880

Τηλ. 6932/232072, 6977/623033

Bouas Tours Athens : Tel. 210/5249143
Bouas Tours Paxos : Τel. 26620/32401-32245,Fax. 2662032610

TASOS MOURIKIS Τel..6976/648486
VASILIS VASILAS Τel. 6973/985825
HARIS BOGDANOS Τel. 6974/135660
CHRISTOS ARGYROS Τel. 6977/472747
KOSTAS ANTIOHOS Τel. 6974/002236


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