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Accommodation on Paxos

Today tourism is big business on Paxos. It offers about 2000 rooms, 4000 beds and two hotels accommodating up to 120 guests.

It's possible to stay quite cheaply on Paxos in basic rooms or studio apartment. It's also possible to spend a small fortune on a luxury villa with its own private pool. The choice is yours.

You will find three main types of accommodation on Paxos:

Self catering apartments and studios
Self catering villas
Hotels (a few only)

There are a couple of hotels on Paxos, but most visitors stay in rented, self catering villas, apartments or one bedroom studios. Many of the villas have private pools and are usually of a good standard. The villas can be rented privately directly from the owner or more commonly through tour operators or agents.

If you visit Paxos and think you may return, it's worth making a note of local accommodation and the telephone numbers of the owners. It's often a lot cheaper to book direct, but of course you will have to arrange your own travel.

During the high season, pre-booking is essential, but out of season, it is usually possible to find accommodation without booking.

There are many small supermarkets in the three main villages. Deliveries to your accommodations is also possible if you ask.

Of course, if you get fed up with catering for yourself, there are numerous bars and tavernas which serve food in the usual, relaxed greek way.

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