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Common FAQs (frequently asked questions) about Paxos

How do I get to Paxos?

Most visitors to Paxos arrive via Corfu. Corfu can be reached from mainland Greece ( Igoumenitsa) or Italy (Bari and Brindisi).

How long does it take to get to Paxos?

Flight time from the UK to Corfu: approximately 4 hours
Taxi from Kerkyra airport to the port in Corfu: 10 to 15 minutes (depending on the traffic)
Hydrofoil the port in Corfu to Gaios: 1 hour
The Air Sea Lines sea plane service from Corfu to Gaios: 25 minutes (flight time is only 7 minutes)
The ferries from the Greek mainland port of Igoumenitsa take approximately ninety minutes to make the crossing.
High speed ferries from Bari and Brindisi in Italy to Paxos: 4 hours.

What are the main resorts?

Gaios, Lakka and Loggos. Giaos is the biggest, and is the main port on Paxos. The smallest is Loggos. There are also small hamlets throughout the island.

What is access like for disabled persons?

You will need to contact the ferry and plane companies for more information on accessibility. In Paxos, the rugged and hilly terrain is challenging, even for able bodied people. Most of the paths are rugged and full of holes. Access to the beaches can be difficult. In short, it is not ideal for disabled or elderly people.

Is paxos suitable for young families?

Paxos is a quiet and friendly place, entirely suitable for families. The beaches are stony and swimming in the warm shallow sea is considered safe. However, there are few, if any life guards. The long journey to Paxos can put of families with young families.

Will teenagers enjoy Paxos?

Discos - 3, all in Giaos
Water sports - plenty including boat hire, diving, snorkeling
Beaches - brilliant, especially Antipaxos
Night life - quiet

What is there to do at night?

If you are looking for a holiday with plenty of lively night life, then Paxos is probably not the holiday destination for you. The main centre is Giaos where there are three discos and plenty of bars and tavernas. Even so, things are relatively quite compared with other Greek resorts. However, if you like gentle night life, then Paxos is perfect, with plenty of quite bars and tavernas in the populated areas.

What are the beaches like?

There are 25 or so beaches on Paxos and these are located on the eastern side of the island. They are mainly shale or pebbles. Lakka probably has the best sandy beach on the island, though there is a fantastic sandy beach on Anti-Paxos. The beaches can get busy in the summer, and hiring a small motor boat is an ideal way of exploring the quieter beaches.

Where do I hire boats?

You can hire boats from the rental outlets in Gaios, Lakka or Loggos. The cost is usually about £170 per week. Or you can hire them on a daily basis for £50 per day.

Is Paxos good for walkers?

Yes, definitely. There are many beautiful walks all over the island. Abundant flora and fauna make Paxos a favourite with amateur botanists and ornithologists, especially in spring. The best walks can be found around Lakka with stunning views to be had and the road from Gaios to Loggos is a great walk with the hamlet at Fontana offering a rest half-way.

How expensive is Paxos?

A holiday in Paxos tends to be more expensive than the other Greek Islands, mainly due to the cost getting there. Once in Paxos, cost of food and accommodation are about the same as other Greek Islands.

When is the best time to go to Paxos?

The best time to visit Paxos is probably late spring and early autumn. During the middle of the summer (particularly during the school holiday period) Paxos can become quite busy.

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