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Getting about on Paxos

Because Paxos is so small, its easy enough to explore the whole island on foot. Indeed, Paxos has quite a following for those who enjoy walking holidays. However, there is a transport infra structure for those who need it. The island has its own bus service linking the main village of Gaios with the other two harbours of Loggos and Lakka. There are a few cars and taxis, but not many. By far the best way to get around is by motor boat. Hiring a motor boat means you can visit the more remote beaches on the eastern coast. (The main accessible beaches tend to get quite busy in the summer). For the more adventurous, the island of Antipaxos is a short ferry journey away.


A trip on a local bus is always an exciting ride. There is only one bus on Paxos and this provides a regular service, 4 times a day, linking Gaios, Loggos and Lakka. The bus travels very slowly and can be 'flagged down' at any point on its circuit of the island.


There are five taxis on Paxos. Always check the fare to be charged before you start your journey.

Boat hire

No matter where you are staying on Paxos, hiring a small motor boat, if only for a day, is well worthwhile. The views, cool air and fabulous feeling, make it an experience to remember and by far the best way to see the coastline of Paxos, especially the more remote areas. Boats of the following sizes can be rented: 10hp,15hp,2 5hp. Boats with an engine larger than 25hp can be rented, but they require a speed-boat licence. You should be aware that you cannot take hire boats to some of the more spectacular coastal regions in the north of Paxos. This is because the water can be unpredictable and there are many rocks above and below water.

# No licence is required unless you want to hire a speed boat
# Remember that you have to pay for the petrol used. A normal day of cruising would probably use about 25 Euros worth.
# You cannot use the boats after dark.
# The boat owner will usually ask for your boat to be returned at around 6.00pm after each day out.
# There is no charge for mooring at any of the jetties around the island.
# The boats are steered either by a tiller system or a steering wheel. The latter cost more.
# It is possible to rent a boat for the minimum period of one day, but as with car hire, it is cheaper for a longer period.

Pedal Bikes

Pedal Bikes can be hired in Gaios. You can also hire motor bikes and scooters in Loggos. A bike is a simple way of getting around the island although head gear for protection is strongly recommended at all times. The roads can be rough and you may come across large holes.

Car Hire

It is possible to hire cars on Paxos, although as the island is so small, it hardly seems worth it.


There are many excursions which operate each day from Lakka, Loggos and Gaios, for those who like to be more organised.

Anti Paxos

Many of the boat trips to Antipaxos visit the stunning west coast first, with its blue grottos and caves. Next the boat trip visit the fabulous white cliffs of Erimitis before arriving at the sandy beaches of Anti Paxos, where the turquoise waters are simply unbelievable.


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