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Places to Visit on Paxos

If you are looking for a high action holiday with lots of places to visit and lots to do, Paxos probably isn't the place for you. The main industry on Paxos is olive production, and there's really not much to do except relax and enjoy the sea, the beaches, the tavernas and the relaxed Greek way of life.

However, if you tire of relaxing, there are a few places to visit on Paxos.

On the south side of the harbour in Gaios there is a statue in honour of a young Paxos man who unsuccessfully attempted to raise a rebellion against the Ottoman Empire.

Paxos Folk Museum
Also at the southern side of the harbour is the island's only museum, the Paxos Folk Museum. The museum is situated in a building that was built in 1906. Before becomming a museum, it was the village school. There are several rooms set to demonstate what it was like to live on Paxos during various ages. There are also many objects such as olive press and olive production implements, fossils, clothing, pottery, china, kitchen implement, guns, tools and other utensils from various periods - the usual museum stuff really. There is a small charge to enter the museum. The musuem is open every morning and every evening during the holiday season (May to October).

Paxos Churches

There are about 60 churches on Paxos which is surprising given the size of the island.


Olive Press Museum

Between Loggos and Lakka, near the village of Magazia, there is an wonderful olive press museum.



There is a grand lighthouse on the northern coast of Paxox protecting shipping from the hazzardous rocky coastline.


To the north of Loggos there is a ruin of an old windmill.

Soap factory

To the north west of Loggos harbour, there is a disused soap factory.


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