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How to get to Paxos

There is no airport on Paxos (the reason why it has remained unspoiled). The closest airport is on Corfu, so most people fly there and and then transfer by seaplane, sea taxi or hydrofoil. This journey can add to the cost of a holiday to Paxos - expect to pay around £50 - £100 pounds per person for this transfer. Charter flights operate from most of the larger European airports in the summer season from May to October.

Visiting Paxos in the winter
If you want to visit Paxos in the winter, there are scheduled flights operating from Athens to Corfu during the winter season.

When you get to Corfu
The first step is to catch a motor taxi from the airport to the port (where you will catch the ferry or hydrofoil). The taxi rank can be found to the left of the exit of Corfu Airport. The taxi will take you to the new or old port, depending on your choice of transfer. The hydrofoil and ferry goes from the New Port. Usually, the journey to the airport takes 10 - 15 mins, but can take longer if there is a lot of traffic.

Getting from Corfu to Paxos
You have four options - hydrofoil, ferry, sea plane or water taxi.

The hydrofoil
The hydrofoil from Corfu to Paxos leaves from the New Port. The journey takes about one hour to reach the main port of Paxos - Giaos. You can buy drinks on board and there is a viewing deck if you prefer to be outside.

If you prefer a more leisurely journey, there is a ferry for foot passengers and vehicles between Corfu and Paxos. The ferry is run by Kerkyra Lines. It leaves from the New Port of Corfu calling into Igoumentisa before reaching the island of Paxos. The full journey takes approximately 3 hours 30 mins.

There is a direct car ferry to Paxos running from Igoumenitsa on the Greek mainland. The ferry 'Ano Hora' makes trip to Paxos every day, whilst the ferry 'Agia Theodora' runs on the same crossing (Monday and Friday). Telephone +30 26650 21527 for full schedule and fare details.

Other ferry options
You can travel to Corfu from Igoumenitsa on the Greek mainland and from Brindisi and Bari in Italy. Ferries from these areas operate regularly during the spring, summer and autumn months. You will need to check with the each operator for fares and schedule.

The routes and operators are as follows:

  • Agoudomis Lines: Brindisi to Corfu
  • Blue Star Ferries: Venice - Ancona - Brindisi - Corfu
  • Fragline Ferries: Brindisi to Corfu
  • Minoan Lines: Venice - Ancona - Igoumenitsa - Corfu
  • Ventouris Ferries: Bari to Corfu

To allow for same day transfers to Paxos, we recommend flights that arrive at Corfu not later than 13.00hrs. This avoids an overnight stay on Corfu. Later sea planes are available on some days. Late sea taxis, often into the early evening are also possible but are more expensive and uneconomic for small party sizes.

Sea plane
The Sea Plane leaves the Corfu base (Marina Gouvia), and arrives into Gaios 15-20mins later. There are also sea planes the run from Brindisi airport (Italy) to Corfu, with 5 weekly midday flights that offer connectivity to and from most of our destinations in the Ionian Sea. For details, see

Sea Taxi
A number of sea taxis will take you from Corfu to Paxos. The following two services are available:

  • "Lakka Express" - Based in Lakka. Contact Andreas on +30 6977623033 (mobile)
  • "Paxos Express" - Based in Gaios. Contact Nikos on +30 6932232072 (mobile)

Once in Paxos

When you arrive in Paxos, there is a large taxi rank at the port in Gaios. Taxi operators include:

  • Christos Argyros - Tel: +30 2662031607 (Mobile: 697 747 2747)
  • Tassos Mourikis - Tel: +30 2662031613 (Mobile: 697 664 8486)
  • Kostas Antiohos - Tel: +30 2662031402 (Mobile: 697 400 2236)
  • Vasilis Vasilas - Tel: +30 2662031426 (Mobile: 697 398 5825)
  • Haris Bogdanos - Tel: +30 2662032526 (Mobile: 697 413 5660)

The taxi operators are friendly, but the range of competency in English ranges from zero to ten out of 10!

A bus service operates a return service four times a day between Gaios and Lakka, which calls into Loggos en-route.

Car hire
Car hire is available from all three of the main villages in Paxos - Giaos, Lakka and Loggos.

Getting to Corfu by plane

Many UK flight operators are able to arrange flights to Kerkyra airport in Corfu, with scheduled flights or charter flights. Flights typically go from most of the UK's larger airports, including:

  • Aberdeen airport
  • Belfast airport
  • Birmingham airport
  • Bournemouth airport
  • Bristol airport
  • Cardiff airport
  • Doncaster Sheffield airport
  • Durham Tees Valley airport
  • Edinburgh airport
  • Exeter airport
  • Gatwick airport
  • Glasgow airport
  • Heathrow airport
  • Humberside airport
  • Isle of Man airport
  • Leeds/Bradford airport
  • Liverpool airport
  • Luton airport
  • Manchester airport
  • Newcastle airport
  • Norwich airport
  • Nottingham East Midlands airport
  • Stanstead airport

Airlines that operate flights from the UK to Corfu include:

  • Thomson Fly
  • XL Airlines
  • Thomas Cook
  • First Choice Airlines
  • My Travel
  • British Airways
  • Olympic Airlines

(See About Paxos for useful local telephone numbers for Paxos)

Some prices

From Igoumenitsa

By Ferry Boat to Paxi (Gaios) from Igoumenitsa (Summer 2002) Car: € 33.80 Adult: € 5.70 (drivers also have to pay this fare) Child: € 2.80 Infant 1-4: Free The trip takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes

By Flying Dolphin from Igoumenitsa (about € 10.00 per person)

From Corfu

By Ferry Boat to Gaios from Corfu (twice per week) Trip takes about 3.5 hours ( € 5.60) By Flying Dolphin from Corfu (about € 12.00 per person), the trip is 1.5 hours long



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